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Testimonials: Testimonials


"I came to Jeff confused about all the different forms of training and diets
out there. His philosophy emphasized the mind/muscle connection and cycling through various forms of training and healing one's gut. I lost 10 lbs of body fat and have had to buy a new wardrobe because my clothes no longer fit. Whatever your goals are, Jeff is the trainer/ health coach you want!!"

Dharna N.

"Jeff brings many of the characteristics of a top-tier trainer to his work with clients. He is passionate about his work and creates a strong bond with his clients. He is patient while at the same time challenging. He is open-minded and flexible while being extremely knowledgeable. He has the ability to look at someone and identify their physical challenges based on their posture and their gait. He is extremely supportive, and positive, and encouraging without taking it to an extreme. He is holistic in his approach, incorporating thoughts on nutrition and sleep, in addition to the more standard exercise-oriented regimen. I look forward to my workouts with Jeff and leave my workouts feeling like I have made significant progress."

Dan B.

"Jeff is by far the most knowledgeable health coach I have ever met. His nutritional advice, exercise regimen, relaxation, mobility/recovery exercises, and breathing exercises were instrumental to my achieving muscle growth at 55, as well as the balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, amazing sleep, and low body fat. I highly recommend Jeff if you want to achieve long-lasting results."

George L.

"Jeff is an impressive health coach and personal trainer. He has taught me so much about proper form and technique and he motivates me always. He is generous in his time and never is a clock watcher. He has held me accountable and because of that, I have become stronger while working on stability and my posture. I feel better than I ever have."

Zhanna P.

"Jeff has helped me in numerous ways since I met him! He was diligent with making sure I positioned myself properly for squats and leg presses and that shifted my workouts for the long term. I have no more unbearable joint pain! He also introduced me to wall squats using therapy balls which are now part of my regular leg routine. I came to Jeff with limited range of motion in my should, Jeff advised me on rotator cuff exercises for shoulders which have strengthened my upper body, particularly with push exercises! He reinforced good positioning and increased range of motion for doing back exercises for lat pull-downs and pull-ups. I feel stronger and definitely have better posture as a result. His recommendation for foam rolling is now a huge part of my warm-up and cool-down routine as well! I would highly recommend Jeff as a trainer!"

Tom G.

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